Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

BUY & SELL Related Queries & Answers


Ques. : Crizotinib is still a patented product. How you are manufacturing?

Ans.   : Yes. Crizotinib is still a patented product. But as per the World Trade Organization (WTO) patent law, Bangladesh can manufacture any patented product as Bangladesh is a LDC country. Since Beacon is a Bangladeshi company and we have dedicated GMP compliant oncology facilities for manufacturing cancer drugs, so we are legally permitted to manufacture Crizotinib preparations.

Ques. : Do you have legal permission to manufacture the product?

Ans.   :  Yes, we have legal permission from the Directorate of Drug Administration under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Ques. : How can I place order?

Ans.   : You can place your order by filling out the Order Form (Click here) or by sending us a mail to Business Development Department mentioning the quantity and detail address which must include contact number and post code.

Ques. : Do I have to send prescription photocopy?

Ans.   : In general we do not need prescription in order to send the products but you may need it for custom purpose at your end. In certain countries like Singapore, we need the prescription to ship the product.

Ques. : How can I be confirmed that you have received the order?

Ans.   : After getting the order we will issue an invoice to you within 1(one) working days and that confirms your order has been received. If you do not get the invoice within 1 (one) working days after submitting the order, please send us the order again to us mentioning the quantity and address which must include contact number and post code. Please be noted that Friday and Saturday are the weekend here in Bangladesh.

Ques. : Can you deliver the goods anywhere in the world?

Ans.   : We use DHL to end the products all around the world and you have to take care of custom part at your end, we will provide documents like invoice, Certificate of Analysis (COA) etc. Apart from DHL, we can also send Express Mail Service (EMS) to selective countries (like China, Russia, Hong Kong) which will take 10-12 working days to deliver.

Ques. : How much will you charge for the shipment?

Ans.   : Shipment charge depends on country of destination and the order quantity. We will mention the shipment charge in the Proforma Invoice (PI). The charge will be calculated based on the rate of international courier service.

Ques. : How can I pay for the purchased products?

Ans.   : We accept TT (Telegraphic Transfer) only. We will mention our company’s Bank account details in the Proforma Invoice (PI)   and you have to send the payment by TT to our account.

Ques. : Do you accept credit card or pay pal?

Ans.   :  As our banking system still don’t accept the credit card and pay pal, so right now we don’t accept payment through credit card or pay pal.

Ques. : How many days you need to receive the payment?

Ans.   : As soon as you send the money by the TT, we will receive the TT advice in our bank account. The total time required for this transfer may require 2-3 working days.

Ques. : Will you confirm receipt of payment?

Ans.   : After receipt of payment, we will send confirmation of TT receipt by email.

Ques. : How many days do you require to ship the products after receipt of payment?

Ans.   : After receiving the payment, we will go for shipment within 1-2 working days.

Ques. : Will you inform us about shipment?

Ans.   : Of-course, we used to send our patients detail about the shipment including name of courier service, tracking reference number. For DHL shipment we send invoice, Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Ques. : Can I do tracking online?

Ans.   : Yes, in case of DHL, you can see the shipment location by online tracking. But if the product sent through EMS, you can only track the shipment other than locating the shipment.

Ques. : How many days are required to reach the goods to my destination?

Ans.   : DHL usually deliver the goods within 2-5 working days. But EMS may need 10-12 working days.

Ques. : Can I cancel the order after sending it?

Ans.   : No, it cannot possible as there are huge banking and government procedures. So we will not be able to cancel the order after payment.

Ques. : May I do part payment?

Ans.   : No. You have to do full payment mentioned in the invoice.

General Queries and Answers


Ques. : In How many countries, you are selling the product?

Ans.   : Beacon has distribution partners in 15 countries. But our Patient Support Program is already expanded in around 60 countries. We have sent our Hep C drugs in 60 countries. However, we can send our products in any countries as per the request of patients.    

Ques. : How can I be certain about the Quality of the product?

Ans.   : Your ordered product is manufactured and Quality Assured by the leading pharma companies of Bangladesh, Beacon Pharmaceuticals Limited ( Our manufacturing facilities are US FDA, UK MHRA & TGA Australia compliant and quality of our products is to that of International standard. Besides Bangladesh, we are exporting our products in 15 countries, where our products quality is testes and found satisfactory. In addition, we have tested quality of some of our products in an Australian lab and found satisfactory. Bangladesh doctors are using our products for last 9 years and have never complained about quality of our products. So we are confident about quality of our products.

Ques. : Some Indian companies are claiming that they are manufacturing the product at your plant? Is it true?

Ans.   : No. It’s not true. We are not manufacturing any of our products for any Indian companies. However, we came to know that there is an Indian company, named S P Lab, is marketing some life saving drugs and claiming that products are manufactured at Beacon. These are fake products and we have no relation with this company. We have tested their products and found that those are sub standard quality products. We already informed the matter to Indian Drug authority.

Ques. : Do you have your own manufacturing plant?

Ans.   : Yes, we have our own manufacturing plants. You can know more about our company and facilities from the website-

Ques. : Why your products price is too low than originator?

Ans.   : Our product is a generic product. Usually price of generic drug is far below than originator. The main reason behind this is our over Head cost is much lower than any other countries. In addition, Beacon wants to support global patients who cannot afford costly originator products. So price of our products are kept as low as possible.

Ques. : Are you compromising quality of products to minimize price?

Ans.   : There is no question and no way to compromise quality of products. We maintain stringent International Quality standards in every step of production. Quality of our products is to that of International standards.

Ques. : How many products you are manufacturing?

Ans.   : We are manufacturing about 230 products. In case of oncology, we are manufacturing about 72 products. You can see our product list from the following link-